Aidan Harte is a writer and sculptor. He lives in Dublin.

Dante’s Inferno


July 7th, 2009  |  Published in Dante's Inferno, Figurative expressionism, Sculpture
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My website www.aidanharte.com is finally up.

I’ve been working on this collection since I came back from Italy, and thinking about it for a lot longer.
For what I want to do, combine realism with imaginative expressionism, sculpture is the perfect medium. In print and TV, we’re pepper-sprayed with visuals every hour of every day these days. It’s become very easy to tune it out as visual noise – somehow, for me at least, sculpture isn’t like that. Maybe it’s because it’s not an image of something but (seemingly) the thing itself – with mass and dimension, that it still demands our undivided attention. And maybe that’s why bad sculpture is so offensive, and great sculpture so sublime.

I’ve worked hard to try to make these pieces capture the imagination in the way Dante captured mine.
There’s more background and photos on the site, and the five etchings accompanying . Please contact me through the site if you have questions about the work or want to see more.

Thanks to:
All the crew at Cast Foundry
Bobby Blount for the stone bases,
Bronagh Murphy for photography,
and Neal Walsh of Ardent web design for making the site.

Aidan Harte July 09