Aidan Harte is a writer and sculptor. He lives in Dublin.

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US publication of IRENICON

March 18th, 2014  |  Published in Aidan Harte's books, Book, Fantasy Novel, Interview, Irenicon, Review, Review, Spira Mirabilis, The Wave Trilogy
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OK, either Random House are playing an elaborate April Fool on me or  Irenicon is coming to American bookshops on April  1st. To add to the fun, Spira Mirabilis, the  conclusion  of  The Wave Trilogy, will be published in the UK, and Commonwealth on April 3rd.

In anticipation, we’ve been mercilessly bombarding the Fantasy blogosphere both sides of the Atlantic. Here’s my interview with David Marshall at Opionator, some guest blogs at the QwilleryCivilian Reader and the Book Plank, and – hot off the digital press - Christina Brookman’s Irenicon review for Fanboy Comics.

Book III of The Wave Trilogy

Book III of The Wave Trilogy