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Irenicon launch

April 20th, 2012  |  Published in Book, Irenicon, Review
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Irenicon received a 4/5 starred review in the latest Sci-Fi Now.
‘The book is a fountain of gorgeous detail, festooned with enriching codices and enlightening, subtly subsumed exposition … Readers who know a good fantasy and do not feel themselves intimidated by one in which our hero is not ‘Dragonborn’, will enjoy Irenicon immensely. Well written and conceived, we look forward to Harte’s future works with relish.’

That’s issue 66, with a great big Iron Man on the cover. What are you waiting for? There’s a Harry Potter quiz in the back! Here are some pictures from Irenicon’s launch.

Me and the redoubtable Jo Fletcher.

Pitching hard... There's Ian Drury in the background...

Scribble, scribble, scribble

I could tell you how wonderful the convention was but Fantasy Faction have already done that, here. We had a busy few days subsequently in London, signing books in Forbidden Planet and Goldsboro Books. The marvelous folk at Jo Fletcher Books have been working hard to get the book noticed and I was positively giddy to see it in Waterstones on Oxford St.

Here’s a thoughtful review from Mihir Wanchoo of Fantasy Book Critic and, online at last, Jon Courtenay Grimwood’s Sfx Review.   Cheerio - AH


Winter's been canceled

Muse London

April 13th, 2012  |  Published in Aidan Harte Sculpture, Sculpture
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I have a couple of bronzes now in Muse gallery in Notting hill.
Here’s their site and here’s how to get there.

The Sculpture Company

SFX Irenicon Review

April 6th, 2012  |  Published in Book, Irenicon, Review, Review
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SFX says it is “the Earth’s greatest sci-fi and fantasy magazine,” and after the nice things they had to say about Irenicon in this month’s issue I can only agree. I’ll post the review online when they put it up, but until then you’ll just have to go buy a copy in newsagent like it’s 1987 again. Go on then, with your BMX and your Adidas and your Sony Walkman, off you pop. AH

You can't miss it. It's all shiny.