Aidan Harte is a writer and sculptor. He lives in Dublin.

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Totally Dublin Inferno Review

June 27th, 2010  |  Published in SolArt Inferno Exhibition, Totally Dublin
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A jolly nice review of my show Inferno in Totally Dublin by Rosalind Abbott.
She even picks up on the bog bodies’ influence. I was drawing the poor buggers quite often while working on the sculptures.

“His selection of expressionist sculptures and etchings, presented in the gallery’s upstairs space, encapsulate perfectly the intensely emotional and impassioned narrative of Dante. Like the text itself, the works – in particular the sculptures – provoke mixed feelings of both horror and awe.

The most unsettling, perhaps, is his Schismatic – a bronze sculpture depicting Bertran de Born who, as the story goes, carries his head by the hair, “lantern-wise”. Other than the creepily hollowed out eyes, the face that hangs from its owner’s hands is unnervingly realistic. With the rough, blackened surface of the skin, it bears more than a passing resemblance to the ‘bog bodies’ of the National Museum – long dead, but too alive to let you pass by unaffected.”

Click here to read full piece.

I’m chuffed because it’s a damn good publication with a cadre of young writers raising the bar with honest, perceptive and witty features.
I swear by their movie reviews; instead of regurgitating critical consensus, they employ a novel technique of actually watching films all the way through.

INFERNO SolArt opening

June 23rd, 2010  |  Published in SolArt Inferno Exhibition
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Photos from last Friday’s opening @ SolArt Gallery, 8 Dawson St, D2.
The exhibition runs until 15th July, so drop in!
Thanks to Prof O Cuilleanain, Martin Davis for their words on the night and Appassionata Flowers and Photographer Damian Sass for making everything look all nice and sparkly.

Oh dear God, no!

June 18th, 2010  |  Published in Exhibition
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All hell breaks loose tonight @ 7pm.
INFERNO exhibition opens in Sol Art Gallery, 8 Dawson St.
Come one, come all.